Small Business Network is a Colorado based corporation, established in 1989 dedicated to providing quality products, services, guidance and information to its membership. The products and services are deeply discounted so that every small business owner can maintain a competitive edge in the market place. Over 175,000 small business owners have joined SBN and we’re still growing!

“Our professional and dedicated staff is committed to maximizing buying power and generating significant savings with high quality services and exceptional products vital to every small business in America.”

We want to give you more savings on all your business needs. There’s simply no need for you to pay more. We want to be your “one stop business shop.” Don’t wait – try us out today!

Association Profile
SBN is a national association of small business owners from all segments of the business world; hotels, personal services, wholesalers and retailers, auto repair and construction to name a few. Employees number from 1 to 100. National demographics are closely aligned with the population.

Back in 1989 the founder and president of Small Business Network, Dennis Walker, provided long distance service at significant savings to the small business community. As a small business owner himself, he soon realized expanding the products and services to SBN members created a special opportunity for small business owners to decrease their operating costs and improve their profits in the marketplace. The growth has been phenomenal! Since 1989 over 175,000 small business owners have joined Small Business Network.

In 2002 Dennis brought his daughter into the company.  She started in Customer Service and touched all aspects of the company over the next 6 years.  In 2008 she became COO and when Dennis passed in 2012, she continued Small Business Network as the CEO.  Along with her brother, they have dedicated themselves to continue their fathers’ legacy. They are bringing modern benefits that are in need with todays small business owners.

Our Staff
Our staff is readily available to assist you in any way and answer any questions you might have.

  • The New Enrollment group (1-800-817-1726 option 1) will guide you through the sign up process and tell you about all of the benefits you can receive as a member.
  • The Customer Services group (1-800-817-1726 option 3) will answer any account or billing questions.
  • The Site Administrator, 8213 Brigantine Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80920, is available to share with the rest of the membership any insight regarding marketing opportunities, success stories, tax tips or management ideas you might have. You may also send new benefit requests or submit a question for one of our industry experts.
  • Any additional Provider service you might think would benefit the membership should be sent to the attention of the Executive Director at (

Why Join SBN?
SBN is committed to providing to each member personalized and outstanding service. Upon enrolling, each new member gains full access to our providers and their discounts. They may call and speak with a Member Services representative who will guide the member through each provider service and product, how to activate the benefits, and answer any questions the member might have.

Membership entitles each member to enroll their business free of charge in the National Business Directory to network their products and services with other members on a regional or national basis.

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