Q: We are a small general contractor. Can you direct me to a site to find out what certifications and applications we need, and how do we get on the bid list for the redevelopment of foreclosed homes or any other stimulus project? Thanks –


A: Nothing I have written about in the past year has generated more follow-up questions than the column I wrote a few months ago on the new stimulus law and what it offers small business.

I have received scores of questions like the one above.

But the answer to these sorts of questions has not been so easy to give. Stimulus contracts are still in the early stages and are being doled out on a variety of governmental levels and of course in different locales across the country. So especially for businesses that have little experience with the seemingly byzantine government contracting process, finding and successfully bidding on those contracts has been a challenge.

That is why I was so happy to hear about, and give the keynote at, a great new venture designed to increase access to these, and other, government contracts. Sponsored by that great friend to small business American Express OPEN, in conjunction Business Matchmaking – the country’s leading small business procurement program – the initiative is called Teaming USA.

The idea is this: With the economy still so sluggish and consumer spending down, it makes sense to go where the dollars are: Either with major corporations looking to contract with small business or with government agencies, where spending is up. But trying to get one of these contracts on your own can be a challenge. Some are too big for some small businesses, others may require skills or products you don’t have, and so on. So what do you do?

You find a great teammate with whom to work and bid on contracts, that’s what. “Teaming USA will not only assist in bringing together established small businesses but in launching many more in the field of procurement so they too can work together in selling to the government and major corporations,” said Michelle Dolberry, the savvy point person behind the new initiative at American Express OPEN. This will be done in a series of free workshops across the country (the next one is September 29th in Springfield, Illinois), and online.

There are plenty of benefits to teaming generally, but especially insofar as procurement goes:

  • You increase what you can do, offer, and bid on
  • You can eliminate geographic barriers
  • You increase your credibility and skill level

Think about it this way: Samson was the strongest man in the world, and while most people think it was Delilah who cut his hair and sapped him of his strength, according to the Bible, she had some help. Several of her guards had to hold Samson down. It took a team to cut Samson’s hair (sort of like me in the 70s!) By teaming up, you can do far more than you accomplish alone.

For big business, teaming up to grow is the norm. HP and Microsoft have teamed up for years to mutual benefit. The same is true for McDonald’s and Coca-Cola. But for many small businesses, teaming is a foreign concept, even though it should not be.

Think about it. What if you found a compatible business who already knows government contracting and needs what your business offers in order to get a contract? Or, even better, what if they already have a contract and need help servicing it? Or what if you found a business with whom to bid on contracts together?

All could lead to getting some valuable and lucrative public and private sector contracts.

Example: One of stars of the event I was at was Nathaniel Couser. Couser started his four year old company at his kitchen table and thanks to teaming now not only had 12 employees, but last year landed a 10-year multi-billion dollar government contract.

So that is the idea behind Teaming USA. It will foster new alliances and create new opportunities. At the program I was at, a packed house learned about government procurement, the certification process, how to get a Dun & Bradstreet DUNS number (and those who didn’t have one, got one), insider tips and strategies, and then broke into groups where they could locate logical teammates.

It was a great event and will be a great program. Kudos to all involved.

Today’s tip:
The event was held at a place called The Corporate College in Cleveland, Ohio. This great place is the sort of public-private partnership that any community looking to encourage entrepreneurship should have. Not only does it offer training programs and space to local corporations, but it also has a state-of-the-art entrepreneurship section where new businesses can meet, work, network, and yes, team up. Bravo!

How can I submit a bid for a stimulus project?

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